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 Thu, 28. Nov. 2019   Berrisch, Jonathan

Jens Kley-Holsteg Received the DVGW Study Prize

Jens Kley-Holsteg was awarded the Study Prize Water of the German Association of Gas and Water Industries (DVGW) for his master's thesis "Probabilistic Short-Team Water Demand Forecasting". It is endowed with 2,500 euros. The...
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 Mon, 11. Feb. 2019   Berrisch, Jonathan

No Courses in Summer Term 2019

In the coming summer semester Prof. Ziel will take parental leave. Therefore no courses will be offered at our chair in the summer semester 2019. The course offerings will therefore be postponed by one semester.
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 Mon, 15. Oct. 2018   Ahmadsadah, Sulaika

Open position as Research Assistant, graduated in Bachelor

The Chair of Junior Professorship for Environmental Economics, esp. Economics of Renewable Energies at the University Duisburg- Essen (Campus Essen), is currently looking for a research assistant, graduated in Bachelor of Science....
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 Fri, 24. Aug. 2018   Ahmadsadah, Sulaika

7th INREC 2018: Uncertainties in Energy Markets

7th INREC 2018 confenrence about "Uncertainties in Energy Markets" will be jointly organized by the House of Energy Markets and Finance , by chairs of Prof. Dr. Christoph Weber and Prof. Dr. Florian Ziel. The occasion of the...
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 Mon, 09. Jul. 2018   Berrisch, Jonathan

Welcoming of Michal Narajewski

We are pleased to be able to complement our chair in terms of teaching and research by hiring Michal Narrajewski. The entire chair team warmly welcomes him and looks forward to working with him.
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 Tue, 11. Jul. 2017   Ahmadsadah, Sulaika

Award of Excellence im Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2017

Florian Ziel successfully placed second at the Global Energy Forecasting Competition 2017 (GEFCom2017) in the open-data track. The GEFCom2017 is an international energy forecasting competition that is sponsored by the IEEE Power...
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 Fri, 14. Apr. 2017   Ahmadsadah, Sulaika

Starting of the lecture "Economectrics of Electricity Markets" in Summer Semester 2017

The lecture "Econometrics of Electricity Markets" will start by April 18 2017 for Master's students at the University of Duisburg- Essen. The lectures will also include tutorials and will be held on Mondays from 10 to 12:00 and...
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 Tue, 11. Apr. 2017   Ahmadsadah, Sulaika

New Member of the Young Faculty of the Ruhr Graduate School in Economics

Junior Professor Florian Ziel is a new member of the Young Faculty of the Ruhr Graduate School in Economics (RGS Econ). The RGS Econ is a center for research and higher education in Economics. It was founded by three universities...
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 Wed, 01. Feb. 2017   Ziel, Prof. Dr. Florian

New Junior Professor for environmental economics, esp. economics of renewable energies

Since February 2017 Florian Ziel is the owner of the Junior Professorship for environmental economics, especially economics of renewable energies, at the University of Duisburg-Essen.
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